Review: Seeing Shadows by S.H. Kolee

Reading Level: Adult   Publication Date: June 2012
Caitlin Kile was living a normal college life full of parties and early morning classes. Living with her best friend and enjoying her senior year, Caitlin’s life seemed idyllic. Until her neighbor’s cousin, Simon Crewe, transferred to her school, unbalancing her tightly controlled life. Because control was one thing Caitlin desperately needed.

Simon was instantly attracted to Caitlin, but he couldn’t seem to get past her guarded walls. Despite Caitlin’s refusal to show any interest in him, Simon couldn’t seem to shake his attraction to her.

But Simon didn’t know everything about Caitlin. He didn’t know about the images of death that haunted her while she was awake. Or the gripping terrors that plagued her at night.

And Simon couldn’t possibly know that those terrors were determined to destroy him.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading Seeing Shadows! I thought it was a great mixture of romance, paranormal, and suspense.
First off, I have to mention how scary Caitlin’s visions were! That poor girl! I would have gone crazy if I were the one having those visions! I thought Caitlin was such a strong character for being able to handle them as well as she did.
Even though I liked Caitlin, she did frustrate me at times. I hated that she kept trying to push Simon away. I know she was just doing it to protect him, but he seemed to really care about her. I don’t know why she wouldn’t just let him in. I loved Simon, but who doesn’t love a gorgeous guy that can sing?
One of my favorite aspects of this book was the friendship between Caitlin and Sarah. I like how they looked out for one another, especially Sarah. She was so sweet and supportive! I thought Caitlin was lucky to have someone like her as a friend, we could all use someone like Sarah as a friend!
I can honestly say I’ve never read a book about Vardogers, actually I have never even heard about them until I read this book. I found them to be extremely fascinating and I think the author did a good job explaining what they were.
Overall, I thought Seeing Shadows was a really good read and I can’t wait to read book 2 in this series to see what happens next!
My Rating:
4/5 Stars


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